How to meet deadlines?

How to meet deadlines?

Korriks 20.5.2024 11:35

Hey everyone, I'm currently working on my capstone project and finding it really challenging to meet my deadlines. Does anyone have any tips on how to stay on track and manage my time effectively?

How to meet deadlines?

Danha 20.5.2024 13:15

I totally get it, capstone projects can be intense. One thing that worked for me was creating a detailed timeline. Break down your project into smaller tasks and set deadlines for each one. This makes the overall project less overwhelming and helps you stay on track. I used a Gantt chart to visualize my progress. Have you tried something like that?

How to meet deadlines?

Saenrama 20.5.2024 16:14

Additionally, I recommend setting aside dedicated time slots each day for working on your capstone. Treat it like a job with specific hours. Also, make sure to set realistic goals. It's better to under-promise and over-deliver. If you set too ambitious deadlines and miss them, it can be demotivating. Well if you are the person who is easy distractible, than i guess the only way to write you paper in time, is juast give it to various professionals and this is how you will get your job done easy and quick

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