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Thabiso Lephuthing 22.5.2024 17:00

Mkhulu I have a problem, I want help with saving my relationship and bring my girlfriend back. Here is what happened It’s a long story, I had owed someone money and during that the person opened a case again me and when that person found me, they beat me up and the landlord also beat me up and wanted to beat up my girlfriend. So she decided to go home after that her mother forced to break up with me and I disrespected her mother and told her a lot of things and that was a deal breaker and ever since she doesn’t want to hear anything from me she even blocked me everywhere on social media. She’s really mad at me and doesn’t want to talk to me she hates my guts but I know she loves me deep down. I believe her parent made her break up with me And I had proposed to her last year I don’t know what to do since I have tried help but no1 has helped me