Latest Football News

Latest Football News

Tompson 21.1.2024 15:42

Jurgen Klopp came bounding into the room full of energy and with a definite sunny glow that suggested he had very much enjoyed making the most of his break.

"It was good, funnily enough on the way back half the team were on the same plane," he tells Sky Sports. "I had no contact with them for four days, I only saw Pep [Lijnders] as we played padel but besides that, I had no contact with any of them.

"You don't want to have a four-week break or something like that in the middle of the season but after a very intense period, having these few days was very important. Now we're back and ready to go again."

Klopp's holiday was a much-needed one for himself and his players as they continue to fight on four fronts this season. Top of the Premier League, into the Carabao Cup semi-finals, the fourth round of the FA Cup, and the knockout stages of the Europa League, there is everything still to play for over the next few months.

December's schedule and injury list was "brutal," says Klopp,

Latest Football News

GrreenGrass 21.1.2024 17:07

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Latest Football News

Mr.Lind 21.1.2024 20:03

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Latest Football News

johnny martin 13.2.2024 08:25

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Latest Football News

Bitgorre 14.5.2024 03:04

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