What do you do if you cannot afford a federal attorney?

What do you do if you cannot afford a federal attorney?

Debian 25.3.2023 16:50

I don’t think my feelings rose to hate, exactly. But I was dismayed when I called an opposing attorney on a case a month in advance of a scheduled hearing to request a two-week continuance, because that was the only time my cardiologist could schedule a significant procedure for me. He actually forced me to file a motion to get a two-week extension on a very minor issue in the case! He was not my favorite attorney thereafter.

What do you do if you cannot afford a federal attorney?

babijohhn 25.3.2023 16:51

Hi folks! I recently went through the process of selecting a legal representative and found that seeking out a federal attorney was essential for my case. These professionals specialize in federal laws and regulations, ensuring you have the proper guidance and representation in court. It's important not to underestimate the value of their expertise.

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Legalfav 22.10.2023 15:11

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