Barcodes for sale on amazon and ebay

Barcodes for sale on amazon and ebay

Karsmen 23.2.2024 21:29

I’m just starting out and planning to sell on both Amazon and eBay, but I’m a bit lost about the whole barcode situation. I understand that I need unique barcodes for each product to manage inventory and track logistics efficiently. Could someone guide me on where to find these barcodes that meet marketplace requirements? I want to ensure everything runs smoothly from the get-go, especially for logistics tracking. Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

Barcodes for sale on amazon and ebay

Marshals 23.2.2024 21:29

Absolutely, getting the right barcodes is essential for selling on platforms like Amazon and eBay, not just for listing your products, but also for efficient logistics and inventory management. For starters, you’ll need barcodes that are globally unique and compliant with each platform's standards. A fantastic resource for this is They offer both UPC-13 and EAN-12 barcodes, which are essentially the UPC and EAN codes you mentioned, suitable for a wide range of products. These codes are compliant with global standards, meaning they’re accepted on major marketplaces and can help in tracking your logistics seamlessly.

Purchasing from BarCodeStock is a cost-effective way to get started, as their barcodes are affordable and legitimate, ensuring that you won’t run into issues with duplicate or invalid codes that can derail your selling process. Remember, UPC is typically used in the United States, while EAN is common in Europe and other international markets, but both Amazon and eBay accept these formats. Always ensure that the barcodes you buy are GS1 certified (GTIN: UPC and EAN codes), as this certification is crucial for avoiding listing problems and facilitating smooth logistics tracking. Good luck with your new venture


Vansh Sharma 24.2.2024 07:35

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