Best Online Stores for Buying Smartphones

Bilal khan 23.6.2023 08:22

Mobile technologies do not stand still: classic push-button phones are being replaced by “advanced” models. Smartphones are popular with tens of millions of people around the world, and the pace of sales is only increasing. Some people have questions about where it is better to buy a “fancy” gadget at a low price.

Popularity affects the variety of brands that produce their own variations of technology. When buying smartphones, large discounts are not excluded (especially during promotions). A good example is the iPhone of the seventh model - without such benefits, it will cost a substantial amount (30 thousand rubles).

A reliable option is to find the best online store selling mobile devices. Buyers are given the right to familiarize themselves with specific variations, as well as to study the advantages and disadvantages before choosing. For "budget" smartphones, a rating of the following services is provided, allowing you to make profitable purchases.

No. 1: Yandex Market
svyaznoj-kupit-smartfon (1)
A platform that “collaborates” with the famous Yandex browser. The choice is not limited to popular brands and “old-timers” of the market like LG, Alcatel, Nokia or Redmi. Free delivery of goods is guaranteed if the order amount exceeds 2500 rubles.

The site offers to get acquainted with “apple” technology (iPad, iPhone varieties), visit the smart watch section, and also choose suitable accessories (cases, headphones, batteries). Payment is made both in cash and with the help of bank cards.

Another distinctive feature of the site is the Yandex-phone device (a cheap option with a powerful “stuffing”). The range exceeds the figure of 1 million products; Smartwatches with tablets make up a small fraction of the devices on offer. Yandex Market has firmly established itself as the leader in the rating among chain stores for buying mobile devices.

No. 2: Messenger
svyaznoj-kupit-smartfon (2)
This platform is famous not only for the sale of smartphones: Svyaznoy also offers computers along with household appliances. Among mobile devices, Nokia models are widely noted, as well as tablets of the MediaPad category. Cheap options are available to buyers.

The average characteristics of the goods are as follows: a 6-inch screen, the presence of 4 cores inside the processor, a capacious battery (about 3 thousand milliamps per hour), several cameras, a solid amount of memory (“storage” reaches 64 gigabytes, and “RAM” - up to 4) . Smartphones can be “insured” by purchasing additional chargers, cases, films or glasses to protect the screen, and so on.

Among the profitable models with good performance, Huawei P30 Pro is noted. Common brands are Sony and Samsung; Asian companies equip devices with “advanced” solutions. Svyaznoy serves as an excellent source of profitable offers.

#3: BigGeek
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Such a service is distinguished by a huge variety of gadgets: Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, Google - this is only part of the spectrum of purchases offered. "Big Clever" is recommended to most people as a convenient place to purchase reliable samples of mobile equipment.

The positive reputation of BigGeek is supported by regular deliveries of electronics inside the Russian region. Most products are covered by a warranty of up to 12 months (Samsung, Meizu, Huawei, Sony). Buyers refer to the "Discounts" section in order to consider the best offers.

A support service comes to the aid of people, solving many issues. BigGeek has provided a visual component: products are complemented by photographs, a brief description, production characteristics and a price tag.