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Winter Ice Canyoning in the Pyrenees

30. 1. 2014
The development of any adrenaline activity is constantly moving forward. In everything. In extreme outdoor sports it is not different. Further, higher, better, more extreme. One either comes with a brand new idea or moves already existing sport or activity to the next, yet unexplored level of…


Gorgopotamos Canyon with Giorgos Andreou - Greek Canyoning Pioneer

6. 12. 2013
Gorgopotamos Canyon is considered the most beautiful and technically demanding canyon in Greece. Its name derives from something like „the rushing river“ in Greek - exactly what canyoneers preach for. Its lower part is located only 15 km south of the city of Lamia in Central Greece, 2 hour drive…


Aling Gorges - Marvellous Canyons of Bali, Indonesia

6. 11. 2013
Aling Gorges is a canyon located in northern part of Bali Island in Indonesia. Thanks to its incredible colourful scenery, fabulous diversity and overall magical atmosphere it is one of the most beautiful publicly accessible canyons in the world. Sandwiched between, very close to Bali rice fields…


Wadi Water Currents in the Heart of Desert - Canyoning Jordan

20. 9. 2013
Although lying on the edge of arid deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, Jordan has a variety of beautiful canyons with running water and beautiful waterfalls. The most interesting canyons, „Wadis“ in Jordanian, are situated in the mountainous western part of the country as their waters are tributaries…


Canyoning Barranco de La Manta - Gran Canaria Canyons

6. 9. 2013
The Canary Islands are literally perfect canyoning destination, which can be combined with a relaxing holiday. All the larger islands are offering several amazing canyoning adventures here. Some of reporters had the opportunity to explore and map almost a dozen of Canary Islands canyons.…