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Records pays virtual visit to Skydive Perris, California's only Skydiving Resort Center. Home of the largest fleet of skydiving aircraft on the west …
Our first skydiving team, entering into world´s top jumping spots, boasts a glamorous area of Florida coastline. During freefall and during …
Costa Canyoning is located in the Costal South Pacific of Costa Rica in the growing town of Uvita.
  • GPS: 9.187551,-83.724967
  • City: Uvita
  • Activity: Canyoning
  • Operation: Commercial
Brotas, Sao Paulo is a small town in the southern part of Brazil, which is internationally known for its specialization in adventure tourism, hosting …
  • GPS: -22.289642,-48.128111
  • City: Brotas São Paulo
  • Activity: Kayaks / Rafting
  • Operation: Commercial
Throughout the year, Canyoning in Dominica offers a great way to explore the hidden depths of this magical island, while at the same time, enjoying th …
  • GPS: 15.300081,-61.386162
  • City: Roseau
  • Activity: Canyoning
  • Operation: Commercial
When it comes to wakeboarding in Texas, do not hesitate to ask Blake Hess. If anyone can be called a true specialist, then it is him. Blake has perfec …
  • GPS: 29.769574,-98.040749
  • City: New Braunfels
  • Activity: Wakeboarding
  • Operation: Commercial
Easter Island is the most isolated island in the world due to its solitude in the middle of the Pacific Ocean a very unique undersea fauna and flora g …
  • GPS: -27.112923,-109.39383
  • Type: Sea
  • Depth: 40 m
  • Water: Salt
  • Visibility: 20 +
  • Difficulty: Average
Valle de Bravo is a small town located on the shore of Lake Avandaro, approximately 150 km southwest of Mexico City. introduces Valle de Br …
  • GPS: 19.194784,-100.133541
  • City: Valle de Bravo
  • Activity: Paragliding
  • Operation: Commercial
KC Water Sports is the Cable Wake Park destination close to the Kansas City, USA. It has become one of KC favourite spots for water sports enthusiasts …
  • GPS: 38.658953,-94.833899
  • City: Kansas (USA)
  • Activity: Wakeboarding
  • Operation: Commercial
  • GPS: -23.21801,-44.713724
  • City: Paraty, Rio de Janeiro
  • Activity: Kayaks / Rafting
  • Operation: Commercial welcomes you into one of the world´s best paintball locations. It is situated just a few kilometers west of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Command …
  • GPS: 45.401282,-75.341248
  • City: Ottawa
  • Activity: Paintball
  • Operation: Commercial
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