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Records is pleased to introduce Stanislav Góralczyk, Polish adrenaline specialist. Among other things, he was able to perform world's first jump fro …
  • GPS: 49.297598,19.945571
  • City: Zakopane
  • Activity: Bungee
  • Operation: Commercial is a leading provider of bungee jumping in Poland. They are able to organize jumps around the country with 2 main spots in Warsaw and Zakop …
  • GPS: 52.234709,20.953663
  • City: Warsaw
  • Activity: Bungee
  • Operation: Commercial
  • GPS: 50.228732,19.312306
  • Type: Quarry
  • Depth: 18 m
  • Water: Freshwater
  • Visibility: 3 - 10 m
  • Difficulty: Low
  • GPS: 50.030502,19.826341
  • City: Krakow (Poland)
  • Activity: Paintball
  • Operation: Commercial
Torun Airport ranks among the oldest airfields in Poland. It has been in use since 1912. It is a home to the Aeroklub Pomorski, a traditional Polish a …
  • GPS: 53.027619, 18.560236
  • City: Torun
  • Activity: Akrobatické létání
  • Operation: Commercial



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