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Bovec (Slovenia)

Bovec (Slovenia) - a small town on the edge of the Triglav National Park in the Julian Alps is slowly but surely gaining an important place on the map of Top European destinations suitable for the following of outdoor and extreme activities.


GPS 46.337684,13.551437
City Bovec
Activity Kayaks / Rafting
Operation Commercial


Canyoning, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, paragliding, mountain bike ... this is just a partial list of sports that you can try near Bovec. Under certain circumstances, whether meteorological or legislative, you can enjoy also cave diving, spelunking and even skydive with the use of a small but functional local airport. In short, an ideal destination for an active holiday or a few days stopover on the way to the Adriatic Sea. We are about to write detailed articles on all mentioned activities and places separately. But for completeness of information and a better idea of why we put Bovec on, we wrote just a basic list of the most interesting thrills, that await you in Bovec.


Canyons, gorges and waterfalls are spread all across, but unfortunately, most of them border the national park, therefore can be visited only with local guides who have permission. Large number of agencies can be found in Bovec on every step, which can be cause of a problem with orientation in them. We recommend to take a closer look at an equipment that customers can borrow (thicker neoprene, harnesses, helmets, etc.), and ideally to visit several agencies, describe a particular course of the trip and then choose. Provided equipment can vary significantly, because not all agencies have adequate safety equipment necessary for Mount Flush gorges and for the same money can shorten the hike. Prices for visiting the canyon are ranging from 40 to 120 euros per person depending on the length and difficulty of the canyon, and we can´t say the more expensive agencies offer better service.


Soca river can without exaggeration be called a paradise for paddlers. Wild mountain river is carved into deep gorges, which produces beautiful and sometimes treacherous rapids. Especially in spring and early summer it is navigated by canoeists from all over Europe. Soca is definitely not a good river for beginners and it is always good to find out as much information as possible about its current state. The river basin passes, with each spring flood, significant changes, making the experience of previous visits always insufficient. Soca is the main source of income for the region, so be prepared to pay for a daily permit. In 2013 per person per day € 2.50.


Rafting on the Soca is subject to strict regulation and you will have to use the services of local agencies. Slovenian institutions are not used to separate rafts with their own equipment and consider rafting as a highly commercial matter. In addition, there were several incidents due to lack of experience or lack of knowledge of the river. Another condition is the presence of an experienced and licensed instructor that can not be missed on any raft. For this reason, watersport equipment rentals do not work properly, as they better avoid taking over responsibility for the rafters. Price for Soca rafting ranges from 30 to 35 € per person.


Near Bovec there are also several areas for climbing, and within a reasonable distance you can go on mountain hikes too. Just a few kilometers from Bovec there are starting-points for Triglav, which, with its 2,864 m, belongs among the most sought objectives by mountaineers from all over Europe. In particular, its northern wall is considered a major challenge in the big wall Whole-Alpine scale.


Karst area of Kanin covers numerous still unexplored caves and chasms. Their survey is conducted by cavers from all over the world. Caves are not locked, but you are expected to observe and follow unwritten caving rules. Each visit must be reported to a relevant authorities and it is useful to make agreement with local speleology office, from which you can also get valuable advice and information. Kanin area, among others, boasts a record in a continuous vertical of over 600 meters long and the gorge system of Kanin almost reached the title of the deepest cave in the world. Other points of interest are systems of tunnels and fortresses from the time of the First World War, many of which can be found around Bovec.

Scuba Diving

Although Bovec lies in the mountains, with no significant lake or dam around, diving here is not just a false lure. On the contrary, local caves and springs ranks among the least explored in Europe. Soca river´s abundance with extensive system of flooded corridors and huge water reservoirs equals here with a magnificent Boka waterfall that falls from a height of more than 100 meters into the valley. Part of the local cave lies in the Triglav National Park and therefore gets under very strict control. As for the Boka waterfall, its main problem is access and transport of material. Diving around Bovec therefore offers a number of options suitable only for physically fit and experienced cave divers.


Julian Alps offers a wide range of wonderful places for flying, but certainly not a perfect area for beginner gliders. The traditional starting point is near Bovec, on Mangar mountain, with main landing area of Bovec airport. More information about paragliding in Slovenia for you to be continually updated.


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