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Skydive Perris - California (USA) pays virtual visit to Skydive Perris, California's only Skydiving Resort Center. Home of the largest fleet of skydiving aircraft on the west coast and awesome on-site indoor skydiving facility. You can swiftly find out that Skydive Perris is not just an airport and drop zone, but a vacation-land for skydivers around the world.


GPS 33.763165,-117.221678
Type Airport
Operation Commercial


Skydive Perris offers trainings at all levels and covers all imaginable skydiving services including AFF, Sensory Overload, Tandem Skydive, Indoor Skydiving, Military etc. It has been training and engaging skydivers since 1976, has worked with hundreds of thousands of students and trained professionals over the years. At Perris, you will meet fine staff, some of the most experienced trainers and well-maintained airplanes. Their fleet is the only one with a DC-9 jet for skydiving.

If you want to experience the feeling of flight, but aren't ready to jump out of an airplane, Skydive Perris offers indoor-skydiving in a 96-foot tall tower that uses a wind tunnel. Indoor skydives last 30 to 60 minutes and an instructor is with your group at all times. Prices include all gear and two skydives and group rates are available.

The vertical wind tunnel is ideal for jumpers of all levels to advance their skydiving skills. Perris Valley offers specially-designed programs tailored for pre-AFF skydiving students all the way up to competition skydivers that allow them to maximize their performance when they begin their training and jump from an airplane. Programs include one-on-one training for RW or relative work, to learning free flying skills.

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Source: Skydive Perris website (Tony Goodman)  Video:  Text: Thomas


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