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2018 Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships

August 30 - September 2, Lake Ikeda (Miyoshi City, Tokushima, Japan)The World Wake Association (WWA) and Nautique Boats are proud to take the 2018 Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships to beautiful Miyoshi City, Japan August 30th – September 2nd. The…


World´s Most Prestigious Cliff Diving Series Is On Again

After a record-breaking season opener in Texas, with the maiden win of Poland’s Kris Kolanus, the 27m platform on top of Bilbao’s La Salve Bridge is the take-off strip for the year’s first aesthetic free falls on European soil. The men will continue their…


The Great Blue Hole Scuba Diving, Belize

The easternmost part of the Belize Barrier Reef is home to a rare natural phenomenon, one of the most popular diving spots in the Caribbean, the Great Blue Hole. Not so completely hidden jewel inside the Lighthouse Reef, a coral atoll perched up out of…


The World Record In Diving Of Blind People !

On Sunday November, 13th 2016 at 1 p.min Říčany u Prahy, 25 blind people took part in achieving of Guinness record in blinds’ scuba diving. They were together on one place underwater for 11 minutes and 45 seconds.This was a reminder of 25 years of…


Why Your Brain is the Most Important Piece of Scuba Diving Equipment

Scuba diving is a sport that requires a lot of equipment. Aside from your wetsuit, fins, and mask, you also need an air tank, a regulator, a BCD (buoyancy control device), and possibly also a compass and dive watch. However, in addition to all of the…


Can I Scuba Dive with Asthma?

Nine million Americans take part in scuba diving each and every year.  With this amount of people taking part in the sport, it’s likely you know somebody who scuba dives and have been curious about having a go yourself.  However, with the act of scuba…


Healthy Activities That Keep Up Your Fitness Level Without a Gym

Keeping up a healthy lifestyle through outdoor sporting activities is one of the best ways to stay in shape. When you go out regularly, you don’t need a gym because you’re active enough already. By varying up your sporting and other activities, you work…


Choosing the Right Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is an excellent workout device and makes a fine addition to any home gym setup. There are different types of rowing machine, however, and selecting the wrong one can end up being an expensive waste of money. To get maximum benefits from a…


Why Jetsurfing Is the New Watersport You Need To 'Get On Board' With

For adrenaline sports fans, there are almost endless opportunities to have fun when you get near the water. From jet-skiing to windsurfing, surfing to scuba diving, the ocean offers so many great ways to enjoy yourself if you like a bit of action and…


5 Biggest US Sporting Events to Add to Your Bucket List

There are some sporting events that should not be missed. Year after year, they are held at iconic venues to capture the attention of people across the world. To ensure you never miss a moment, we are providing the six biggest US sporting events to add to…

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Now Avail Setup By Download Alexa App (Climbing Forum)

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