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World Class Diving: The Cathedrals

The sixth-largest island in the Hawaiian Islands' chain, Lanai, is known for its natural beauty and serenity. Once home to a plantation that produced 75% of the world's pineapples, Lanai is today more tourist oriented but that doesn't take any of its charm, this little paradise still presents a laid-back and intimate atmosphere. What is more, the Lanai's coastline is famous for its superb diving full of swim-throughs, archways, and lava structures. But that's not the main lure yet. Lanai is home to an underwater spiritual experience like no other: The Cathedrals, the ultimate in Hawaiian diving.

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Kayaking All Over Nepal

George Younger, Jack Campion and Peter Williams, three good friend and avid kayakers took a holiday and traveled to Nepal to score some of the best rapids in the heart of Himalayas. During three months, they paddled through many great rivers including Kaligandaki, the first choice for whitewater lovers all round the world, Sun Kosi, the river of gold, Seti, one of the holiest rivers of Nepal, worshiped in Hinduism,or Marshyangdi, one of the best class 4 kayaking rivers in the World. What a ride! The guys have made a highlight reel of it and here it is.

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One Breath: An Unforgettable Story of America's Greatest Freediver

If you are a competitive freediver the lack of oxygen is the main obstacle that stands between you and the bottom. But where exactly is the bottom line? Each year, we see numerous records broken. But the depth game represents a big risk: squeeze. In plain language: blood vessels bursting in throat and lungs. Yet, freedivers dive with squeezes. I think we don't have to go deeper on this subject as everyone who's involved in this beautiful activity is pretty much aware of the danger. The below sneak-peak from a book aptly called "One Breath" is sad but a true story about one of the best freedivers in the world, Nicholas Mevoli, that shook the whole freediving scene. Some blamed doctors, others Nicholas for going too far but one thing is for certain, competitive freediving will never be the same.

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THE PIT - One of the Deepest Cave Passages Known in Mexico

We have already written an article on one of the longest systems in the Yucatan Peninsula, Dos Ojos and covered the Mexican southeastern region on numerous occasions but this time, we will have a closer look at the deepest cenote in the State of Quintana Roo, The Pit. For long, the passage was kept secret and only dived by locals but those days are gone and the spectacular dive is now accessible to anybody. Well not anybody, to take a plunge into the "other world" you still need a guide, who's Cave Certified. Good news is that we know of somebody, who's just made for the job. Read on.

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Josh Kerr Wins The Todos Santos Challenge in Dangerous Conditions

Having ran events in Chile and Maui so far, the 2015/2016 Big Wave Tour has already produced some exceptional moments so when the Todos Santos Challenge got called on this Sunday, all eyes were set on the world’s best big wave surfers, who had gathered off the coast of Baja, California to take on a monstrous 30-to-40-foot surf. The event was contested by 24 men, led by current rankings’ leader Billy Kemper of Hawaii and his fellow countryman and reigning BWT Champion Makuakai Rothman. Both suffered an early elimination though, leaving the chance to score a win to others. In the end, it was a longtime competitor Josh Kerr of Australia to claim the victory.


Nicholas and Silveira Crowned World Junior Champions

The world’s best junior surfers from the seven WSL regions of North America, South America, Japan, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and Hawaii converged on the world-class waves of Portugal’s Ericeira region for the Ericeira WSL Junior Champions, determining the undisputed men’s and women’s world junior champions. Total field of 48-man and 18-woman put on their best and it was Isabella Nichols of Australia, 18, and Lucas Silveira of Brazil, 19, claiming the titles in clean three-to-four foot waves in the finals.

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Apnea Canarias - Freediving with Miguel Lozano

Miguel Lozano has developed a strong freediving skills in his youth before he knew it. Born in Spain, next to the Mediterranean Sea, young Miguel would spend hours swimming, diving and underwater fishing. It was obvious from the start the kid was born for the sea. And when he found freediving he never looked back. In 2011, Miguel breaks the 'magic' depth of 100m in constant weight and becomes the first Spanish freediver to do it so. Another success wasn't long in coming; a year later, he descends to 117m while competing in Free Immersion in the Bahamas and Spain celebrates its new hero: Miguel becomes the third deepest freediver in the world in this discipline. For sure, he is one of the best freedivers out there. And you can become too.


PNW Kayaking with the Serrasolses Brothers

Another beautiful edit from SB Productions run by the Serrasolses brothers came out and this time Aniol and Gerd head to the Pacific Northwest to meet up with their buddies lapping whitewater veins running deep throughout the country. The Northwest is considered as one of the best places in the world with thousands of rivers to kayak so it's no surprise the 2015 Sickline winner Gerd and his younger brother like it so much here. Enjoy some of their laps on the Little White and the White Salmon, the North Fork Championship on the NF of the Payette in Idaho and some BC times on Dipper Creek and the Ashlu Box.


Wreck-X Expedition: A Memorable Diving Experience

Diving is a great and exceptional activity. Taking plunge into the unknown has always drawn the brave to discover what lies beneath the surface. Shipwreck diving has always called for an adventure but it's not for everybody. There is a high risk to it, especially when penetrating wrecks' interiors without proper training, gear or a guide. But the ever present danger is perhaps what makes it so appealing, exploring places that most people can only see on TV or on the internet. The real adventure is a mesmerizing experience you will likely never forget.


Adriano de Souza Claims the 2015 World Surfing Title

December 2015 has been one of the biggest months ever in the history of professional surfing as the Billabong Pipe Masters achieved the largest audience and greatest live viewership in the history of the sport. Hawaii also saw Brazilian Adriano de Souza , who has clinched the 2015 World Surf League Title, joining Carissa Moore, who won her title at Maui earlier this month. In the process, Adriano also became the first Brazilian to win the side event, the Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons. Surfing for ten years among the world’s elite and setting the stage for the rise of the ‘Brazilian Storm,’ De Souza’s Title clinching performance came with a significant wave of emotions, as he dedicated the victory to fallen compatriot Ricardo dos Santos who died earlier this year.

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