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Baikal 2010 - Our Daily Routine

It’s really late today when we’re working on the update so we won’t fuss over it too much - hope you’ll understand :-) The following are therefore more just short comments about our daily routine and stuff rather than a coherent story.

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Siberia Shows its Teeth

Today we really felt for the first time what it means if Siberia shows it’s teeth and shows us how harsh it can be. It was a hard day but still we found a time to make a video for you instead of a photo.

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Day Dedicated to Our Families

I and Pavel agreed that once in a while we will dedicate our message to someone. First, of course, it’s our families’ turn. They’ve already been through a lot because of the expedition.

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The Bergans Baikal 2010 Expedition - The Crack

It was a hard day today, the first full day. We had information, that the first third or maybe even half of the lake would not be covered with snow. Unfortunately it is nothing like that and we have to work harder than we hoped we would have to.

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We Are on the Ice!

We sung our praises yesterday on how everything is working and perfectly organized - and so it is! Except for one tiny detail...the gas. We ordered 45 l in 5 l bottles long time ago. Today, we received 90 tiny bottles - made of glass and only for half a liter each.


Irkutsk Finally!

We’ve barely started and I’ve already lost track of what time it is. There is a 2 hour difference between Prague and Saint Petersburg and 5 more, I think, between Petersburg and Irkutsk.


Here It Comes - the Expedition Took Off for Siberia!

Today at 1.40 p.m. when Pavel and Vasek got on the airplane to Russia the Bergans Bajkal 2010 Expedition has begun. As the Lake Baikal is not just round the corner, it takes some time to get there.


The Bergans Baikal 2010 Expedition

The Bergans Baikal 2010 Expedition is the very first Czech expedition with a goal to cross the Lake Baikal in Siberia lengthwise and unsupported. The total distance of the crossing is about 700 km. We don’t want to just cross the lake and reach the other side as fast as possible and by the easiest way available.


7th International Cesky Krumlov River Marathon

The Biggest Canoe & Kayak marathon in Czech republic is included in European Canoe & Kayak marathon tour. Prize Money is 3200€.

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