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The UK National Freediving Champions are Liv Philip and Tim Money

Every year the British Freediving Association (BFA) selects the male and female National Champion based on competition results in the pool and open water. Liv and Tim are two of the most experienced freedivers in the UK and even with their level of experience and achievements, what comes across clearly from speaking with them is their genuine love for the sport, especially of the sea, and the importance of putting competitive freediving in context with the people they value in their lives. The two gave a short talk to the BFA and here it is.


Battle of the Year: Lozano vs. Trubridge

This year will be as much thrilling as the 2015. And what better kick-off than two world champions trying to break Free Immersion (FIM) world record at the same time. Miguel Lozano and William Trubridge will have a chance to write themselves into history books; both will attempt to break the record that is currently on New Zealander's site but Lozano had been preparing all year long to beat the 121m line. Both attempts have been announced by AIDA International and to make it more interesting, both dates were set for March this year. We can't wait to see this.


One Breath: An Unforgettable Story of America's Greatest Freediver

If you are a competitive freediver the lack of oxygen is the main obstacle that stands between you and the bottom. But where exactly is the bottom line? Each year, we see numerous records broken. But the depth game represents a big risk: squeeze. In plain language: blood vessels bursting in throat and lungs. Yet, freedivers dive with squeezes. I think we don't have to go deeper on this subject as everyone who's involved in this beautiful activity is pretty much aware of the danger. The below sneak-peak from a book aptly called "One Breath" is sad but a true story about one of the best freedivers in the world, Nicholas Mevoli, that shook the whole freediving scene. Some blamed doctors, others Nicholas for going too far but one thing is for certain, competitive freediving will never be the same.

Article with video

Apnea Canarias - Freediving with Miguel Lozano

Miguel Lozano has developed a strong freediving skills in his youth before he knew it. Born in Spain, next to the Mediterranean Sea, young Miguel would spend hours swimming, diving and underwater fishing. It was obvious from the start the kid was born for the sea. And when he found freediving he never looked back. In 2011, Miguel breaks the 'magic' depth of 100m in constant weight and becomes the first Spanish freediver to do it so. Another success wasn't long in coming; a year later, he descends to 117m while competing in Free Immersion in the Bahamas and Spain celebrates its new hero: Miguel becomes the third deepest freediver in the world in this discipline. For sure, he is one of the best freedivers out there. And you can become too.


This Might Just Be the Best Freediving Video of 2015

There are some that rather than taking plunge into the open sea like to squeeze through narrow cracks and holes, freediving and exploring springs, not knowing what's down there or where the exit might be. You might have already read about freediving adventures of Brian Channing and Brian Russell at Those two avid freedivers took freediving to another level while diving in the middle of a swamp. This time, they took on Blue Springs in Orange City Florida and needless to say they absolutely killed it again. Not only such freediving requires certain technique but poses a real danger; if you get stuck, there is no turning back.

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We Are All One Community

This is a great example of how closely are our sports connected. No matter what you do, one of the best things to improve our skills is to take up another sport. Not only this involves and makes a number of different muscle groups in our body stronger, but most importantly, it takes our balance, focus or endurance to whole new level. Norwegian multiple skydiving world champion and wind tunnel flyer Martin Kristensen already knows that and Freefall, a Satori Factory video he made at Voss, Norway is proof enough. Stay connected!

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Nanja van den Broek Sets the New VWT World Record

Dutch multi national recordholder, Nanja van den Broek is at it again, this time she breaks the Women’s Variable Weight World Record previously set by Natalia Molchanova by 3 metres (Molchanova's previous record was 127m)! Nanja is no stranger to the records, she has 29 Dutch records to her name, including static, dynamic (with and without fins), Constant Weight and No Limits. She also set a national record in the "No Limits" discipline at the depth of 100 meters and became that the third woman in the world to do it so. It's no surprise it was just the Dutchwoman, who successfully plunged to 130m in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt on 18th Ocotber 2015 to break Natalia's record from 2012. Congrats!

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Aida Depth World Championships 2015 Caused Upset

Recognized as the greatest annual event in the freediving world, the 2015 AIDA Individual Depth Championships that kicked off on Monday 14th September raised a few eyebrows when French Freediver Guillaume Nery blacked out after diving a line that was accidentally set to 10m/33ft deeper than he was expecting (Guillaume announced depth of 129m). Although it was a close shave, he has made a full recovery. The competition then saw couple of national records set and it was also for the first time the USA has won a gold medal at a Freediving Depth World Championship.

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Freediving Beautiful Waters of Cornwall with Georgina Miller

An excellent freediving playground full of fantastic gullies and kelp lies to the eastern side of Mount's Bay, Cornwall, England. Kynance Cove, known for its botany and geology is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world due to the brilliant turquoise water and white sands. This summer, Daan Verhoeven, a professional freediver and photographer took his good friend and a great freediver Georgina Miller for a swim to explore most of the cove and this is the video that was made out of this trip. Great camera, great music. Check it out.

Article with video

Michael Board Nailed it Again: A FIM National Record of 97m!

On Thursday 10 September Michael Board broke his own Free Immersion national record by pulling himself down a rope to a depth of 97m and back again. Michael was taking part in the Pre-Competition to the Individual AIDA Depth World Championships in Limassol, Cyprus and it was the third and final day of the competition. Board had previously nailed a solid 100m Constant Weight dive, using a mono fin to swim down and up, on day one and so was looking in good shape to dive deep in this competition, and as it turns out started and ended on a high note.

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