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Blue Belt - Toyota Wreck - Scuba Diving Sudan

The Blue Belt was a general cargo ship, made by Howaldts-werke A. G. of Hamburg in 1950, that sunk on December 2, 1977, after collision with the reef in Sha’ab Suedi, about 75km north of Port Sudan. This can be a valuable scuba diving destination for those who are dedicated to exploration.
Blue Belt - Toyota Wreck - Scuba Diving Sudan

The 103m long Blue Belt was carying 190 Toyota vehicles when she sunk, which is why the wreck is often called "Toyota Wreck". She lies upside down on the drop-off, in the depth of 15 to 85 meters. A serious error of navigation in poor visibility is the most likely cause of her end. Some people have speculated that the vessel was attempting to smuggle vehicles ashore illegally. 

You can easily get inside the ship and swim through the hull.

Blue Belt is recommended for advanced divers only, because of the depth and the currents. Visibility on the site is usually around 25 meters. Enjoy it !

 Video source: , Photos: Tomas Hradec , Text: Thomas

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