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Montague Island: A Spectacular Wildlife Wonderland

Montague Island Nature Reserve is a great location for whale watching and seeing dolphins or penguins in the wild but what this area is really renowned for are the Seals. Depending on the season, hundreds to thousands New Zealand and Australian Fur Seals inhabit the granite rocks of the island, waiting to delight divers with their friendly approaches underwater. These playful and often inquisitive sea creatures love mimicking divers’ somersaults, twists and turns and anytime you go to the water, you can be assured you will come across at least one that make you smile. Simply put, this is an absolute must do dive!
Montague Island: A Spectacular Wildlife Wonderland

Montague Island is a continental island located nine kilometers (5.6 miles) offshore from the South Coast region of New South Wales, in eastern Australia. The island is, after Lord Howe Island, the largest one off the New South Wales east coast and it has been declared a Landscape Conservation Area. Boasting a huge array of wild life, both above and below water, this place, together with its incredible heritage, wildlife and scenic island views, makes for a perfect destination not only for divers. Any way you experience it, you will not be disappointed.

However, if you reading this, chances are you are interested indeed in diving with the seals so let's have a look what that might be like. The Montague Island seal colony is now one of ten remaining breeding colonies of Australian fur seals that made local waters their breeding ground. With no resident predators, the seals are relatively safe here (if it wasn't for the fish industry) so you can interact with them without being worried a shark sneaks behind your back.

Apart from seal's diving, a huge variety and quantity of tropical and temperate fish, amazing natural formations around Montague Island, or the incredible variety of marine life can be also found here. Not far away is the 120-year-old shipwreck of the SS Lady Darling should wreck diving be your game. Whales are also annual visitors and you’re likely to see them on their annual southern migration. During June and early July, they head north along the coast to return southwards from around September to November.

Guided tours of the island start and finish at Narooma, Charters Narooma being one of them. Run by Chris Smith, a qualified rescue diver with over 600 dives logged - you can rest assured Chris will offer some of the best diving available. As a keen diver, don’t be too surprised if he jumps in the water to join you for a swim with the seals! The town of Narooma is located about 9 km from the seal spot and has just about everything you need. Show the seals your best moves!

Chris with a storm of fish passing  Montague Island on their southern migration...

And here giving "deep five" to this giant before he headed off to Antartica

Photos: © ICHN      Find the place on the map of Locations...

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