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Scuba Diving - Nha Trang (Vietnam)

If by some chance you get lost in these parts of the world, we recommend a visit to the "diving town" of Nha Trang, 400 miles west of Saigon. As a gateway to Vietnam, through Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) you can get to Nha Trang in several ways. Read on a set of recommendations by Peter Kral.
Scuba Diving - Nha Trang (Vietnam)

Vietnam Airlines offer several scheduled flights at prices from 50 USD to 80 USD. If you choose to travel by land, then we recommend using an express train, in which you can pay for an extra bed. Saving there really does not pay, as a third class resembles more a freight wagon and the train you do just waiting for the eight-hour stay. The last option is to go by bus, but you´d rather avoid it, as it would mean some 12 hours of undue suffering.

The name "City of diving" is not exaggerated. The bases are really at each corner and offer services that often exceeds European centers. Links to some of them can be found below this article. In the vicinity of Nha Trang you have a chance to visit approximately 25 exciting locations. The average visibility is 15-30 meters, but during the year varies widely. The worst  visibility comes from October to around mid-February. For a day trip, two dives and lunch will pay an amount in the range of 35-60 USD. For beginners, there are a number of courses, but their quality we are not able to estimate. Most dives do not exceed a maximum depth of 20 meters, there is no more than a sandy bottom goig deeper. For those interested in some centers they are ready for filling Nitrox. Master instructors speak English, Divemasters English, French, German and Swedish. A typical trip is 2-3 dives after 45-60 minutes. The base of its own 18-meter diving boat and several smaller speed boats. The sites I recommend, for example Moray Beach, Goat Rock (coral wall), Madonna Rock, Rainbow Reef and more. Descent to Goat Rock are to at least 30, mostly 40 m. Typical price of a three-day trip to dive the three locations is officially $ 95, but like everywhere in Southeast Asia it is not a dogma price list.

Octopus diving offers a wide range of services from snorkeling to nitrox dives. His specialty is a combination of courses in various fields and at competitive prices. Approximate prices of the courses are: OWD U.S. $ 220, U.S. $ 205 AOWD, Dive Master U.S. $ 540, Assistant Instructor U.S. $ 400.

Coco Dive Center leads Vietnamese owner (first Vietnamese PADI Master Instructor and EFR Instructor), together with the French partner. Divemaster speaks English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. They also have new equipment and boat. Trips in groups of a maximum of 4 persons. In the area there are many other dive centers. I have personal experience with Jeremy Stein's Rainbow Divers and Octopus both diving and I was completely satisfied.

Special thanks to Peter Kral



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