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The Deepest Pool in the World Opens in Italy

Welcome Y-40 ! Farewell Nemo 33 ! Probably the shortest expression of what will take place during the following weekend in a small, picturesque Italian town of Montegrotto Terme. A brand new paradise for scuba and free divers of all levels opens its depths on Saturday, May 10, 2014. It was endowed with a name Y-40 and with its „-40“ meters (-131 feet), it becomes the single deepest pool ever built in the world. The Italians have actually added 7 meters, beating the existing Belgian record holder Nemo 33, which also bears the depth dimension in its name. The deepest pool of all times enters the world´s diving stage and also the Guinness World Records.
The Deepest Pool in the World Opens in Italy

Shakespeare would probably have another storyline in his pocket for the city of Padua. This time it was called „The Taming of the Depth“, instead of the „Shrew“. Located just 15 km (9,3 miles) from Padua´s city center and only 60 km (37 miles) from the Venice Marco Polo Airport, the Y-40 represents another incredible milestone in the world of water sports.

From the beginning it was a perfectly organized project, which construction lasted just a little more than one year. Almost everything, including the Y-40 name, logo, premises and overall construction, is brilliantly designed. The pool´s architect Emanuele Boaretto has placed the diving tube in the building environment, right inside the four-star Hotel Terme Millepini, from which you can infer that the facilities for athletes will be at a very high level.

The unique spaces are dedicated to 365 days a year of learning diving, freediving and scuba diving in its thermal water with a temperature above 30°C (86°F). In fact, the planned temperature levels should hover between 32-34°C (89-93°F) - an ideal environment for training instrumentation or breath-hold diving without having to wear the suit. Thanks to its record depth, Y-40 allows you to try out all patents of both recreational and technical diving. Platforms at different depth levels can be booked to perform particular tasks. There are four artificial caves for training cave-diving techniques.

Classrooms adjacent to the pit can be used for pre-dive briefings or training courses. The Y-40 convention center has also six meeting rooms that can hold another 500 people.

Y-40 is the ideal place to organize your business as you have never done before. Every day there are Apnea and Scuba sessions planned. The Y-40 operator have prepared various tickets for those just curious to see from inside a unique construction as well as packages for those who love diving in all seasons of the year. Ticketing system is conveniently solved both for individuals and groups, with transferable coupons for reasonable prices.

If you want to hold (or get) courses, workshops, seminars and presentations, or if you simply desire to dive tremendously deep in thermal water, have a go right at Y-40. The Terme Millepini pool, measuring 21*18 meters in the upper parts, opens to the public. It is a time to think of your activities ... and getting some cheap flight tickets to Italy. Find the place on the map of Locations...

Even its second name fits theatrical environment: „The Deep Joy“ :-)

Contacts: Hotel Terme Millepini, Via Catajo 42, 35036 Montegrotto Terme (PD), Italy - Tel: (+39) 049 891 1766

All images are property of Y-40. Copyrights strictly applied. Published photos are courtesy of Y-40. Thanks to Antonio Gomiero. Text: Martin Alexander (

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Congratulations to Italy ! See you soon :-)
Very cool
Now this is how to build a pool, concrete coral all around...
Pool´s official website is a total crap ! It doesn´t work properly in English, there is no photogallery ..... for such a big project ....traditional unpro Italians !
What defines it as a pool anyway. If the one I am about to describe is one, then Nemo 33 wasn't the deepest before this. There is a place in Texas you can go and it is 127ft (38m). It use to be a missile silo and they filled it with water. Maybe this is why it isn't considered a pool, but I have no clue. This place looks a lot better compared to that dark missile silo though.
Hi Rickman, we´d be very pleased to present the Texas location you mention above. Is it diveable? Don´t you have some pictures of it? We´d be happy to make your contribution public with your author-name. Thanks.
Hi Kathi, thanks for your comment, we are just about publishing the Jacob´s Well as a perfect Texas (Wimberley) freediving location ... however ... it is a karst cave system, neither a pool nor silo.
Adrex I did a little google searching and I believe what rickman is referring to is this.
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