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Why Jetsurfing Is the New Watersport You Need To 'Get On Board' With

For adrenaline sports fans, there are almost endless opportunities to have fun when you get near the water. From jet-skiing to windsurfing, surfing to scuba diving, the ocean offers so many great ways to enjoy yourself if you like a bit of action and…


Santa Cruz Gnarly Surf

Santa Cruz is known as an epic place to surf with great beginner breaks and also some big waves to keep the most advanced surfers eyes wide open.  Santa Cruz is nicknamed "Surf City" any surfer need to put this killer location on the list of must hit…


Josh Kerr Wins The Todos Santos Challenge in Dangerous Conditions

Having ran events in Chile and Maui so far, the 2015/2016 Big Wave Tour has already produced some exceptional moments so when the Todos Santos Challenge got called on this Sunday, all eyes were set on the world’s best big wave surfers, who had gathered off the coast of Baja, California to take on a monstrous 30-to-40-foot surf. The event was contested by 24 men, led by current rankings’ leader Billy Kemper of Hawaii and his fellow countryman and reigning BWT Champion Makuakai Rothman. Both suffered an early elimination though, leaving the chance to score a win to others. In the end, it was a longtime competitor Josh Kerr of Australia to claim the victory.


Nicholas and Silveira Crowned World Junior Champions

The world’s best junior surfers from the seven WSL regions of North America, South America, Japan, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and Hawaii converged on the world-class waves of Portugal’s Ericeira region for the Ericeira WSL Junior Champions, determining the undisputed men’s and women’s world junior champions. Total field of 48-man and 18-woman put on their best and it was Isabella Nichols of Australia, 18, and Lucas Silveira of Brazil, 19, claiming the titles in clean three-to-four foot waves in the finals.

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Adriano de Souza Claims the 2015 World Surfing Title

December 2015 has been one of the biggest months ever in the history of professional surfing as the Billabong Pipe Masters achieved the largest audience and greatest live viewership in the history of the sport. Hawaii also saw Brazilian Adriano de Souza , who has clinched the 2015 World Surf League Title, joining Carissa Moore, who won her title at Maui earlier this month. In the process, Adriano also became the first Brazilian to win the side event, the Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons. Surfing for ten years among the world’s elite and setting the stage for the rise of the ‘Brazilian Storm,’ De Souza’s Title clinching performance came with a significant wave of emotions, as he dedicated the victory to fallen compatriot Ricardo dos Santos who died earlier this year.

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The 31st Annual Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau Has Started

The traditional Hawaiian opening ceremony for the 31st annual Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau took place this weekend as the sun set on Waimea Bay, Hawaii. It was an emotional gathering of big wave legends, rising stars of contemporary big wave surfing, the Aikau family, and surfing's expanded circle of friends and fans. The Quiksilver In Memory of EddieAikau is a one-day big wave riding event with strict wave height requirements; it will only take place when waves meet or exceed the Hawaiian 20-foot minimum (wave face heights of approximately 40 feet). This was the threshold at which Eddie enjoyed to ride the Bay. The event has a three-month holding period that will begin December 1, 2015, and run through February 29, 2016.

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Hawaiian Billy Kemper Conqueres "Jaws", the World's Most Dangerous Surf

When the Big Wave Tour event organizers made the call this Sunday to proceed with the first surfing competition of its kind to run at the infamous break known as “Jaws,” with competitors paddling into the notorious wave known for its incredible power and towering wave heights, one thing was clear right off the bat; this is going to be an epic ride. And it was, delivering massive 40’ - 50’ faces, Jaws didn't disappoint. On this monumental day local Hawaiian Billy Kemper has emerged victorious but huge congratulations must go to all the competitors surviving terrifying wipeouts. This might have been just the best ride of the year.


Carissa Moore Becomes the 2015 WSL Champion

When Honolua Bay delivered perfect conditions for world's best female surfers to lay it all down for final WSL points, one thing was certain; after a season-long battle between Carissa Moore and Courtney Conlogue which saw the Jeep Leader Jersey switch back and forth multiple times, it would be either Moore or Conlogue to claim the overall WSL title. The last event of the season, The Target Maui Pro came to a phenomenal close yesterday and it was Moore's explosive finish that secured the Hawaiian her third surfing crown.


Big Wave Surfers Brace for El Niño Swell Impact

Massive early season surf around the world sets high expectations for an epic winter. Big wave surfers from across the globe have been regularly challenging spectacular swells in recent months - producing record entries in the WSL Big Wave Awards - and continue to ready themselves for an unprecedented level of intensity during what is widely anticipated to be among the greatest winters for high surf in history. While the past years produced many swells that were also "too big to surf" the evolution of modern big wave riding techniques and equipment has totally changed the game. And for that, we cannot wait when the ocean breaks loose.


World’s Best to Return to China for World Longboard Championships

Early December will see 36 men and 24 women assemble in Wanning, Hainan Island in the South China sea to compete at the now famous Riyue Bay for the Jeep World Longboard Championships presented by Wanning. China has successfully hosted the Longboard World Championships for the past four years and the consistent reef/point break at Riyue Bay has proved to be an ideal location. This and that the event will decide the 2015 WSL Longboard Champions for both men and women makes for a great event not to be missed.

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