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Dutch Wakeboarding School in Brielle

Brielle (Brill) is a small seaport town in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland, on the north side of the island of Voorne-Putten, some 10 km west of Rotterdam. Located right at the mouth of the New Maas river (considered the oldest river in the world), its waters offer a fine and clear environment for practising both Waterskiing and Wakeboarding.


Tarah Mikacich - The Queen of Wakeboarding - Wake Lake Ellenor

Tarah Mikacich is one of the top US female water-skiiers and wakeboarders. She has spent most of her life on the water. Personable and professional, Tarah is a great representative of women's wakeboarding. Tarah grew up in the water sports industry. Her parents owned and operated The Benzel Skiing Center, where she lived until age 10. Tarah started competing when she was 7 years old and won her first of many U.S National Water Ski titles when she was 9.

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Free Your Mind Wake Rides - Wakeboarding North Carolina, USA

They are riders. They simply love the sport. They want to share the indescribable feeling of shredding the water with as many people as they can, while simultaneously growing & strengthening their wakeboard scene & community as a whole. That's why they've spent 2 years designing and building the best wake park they could possibly dream up. So they invite you to come enjoy the sport and enjoy their park. presents another US cosy wakeboarding spot - Jibtopia Wake Park.

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Cable Wake Kansas, USA - Kansas City Watersports

KC Water Sports is the Cable Wake Park destination close to the Kansas City, USA. It has become one of KC favourite spots for water sports enthusiasts. Park´s founders built the area on a 7.5 acre man made lake. The park has ranked among the hosts of the National Points Chase of US wakeboarders. added KC Water Sports to its Wakeboarding Locations and prepares a complete list of cable wake parks in the USA.

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Texas Ski Ranch - Wakeboarding with Blake Hess, Texas, USA

When it comes to wakeboarding in Texas, do not hesitate to ask Blake Hess. If anyone can be called a true specialist, then it is him. Blake has perfectly managed to combine his hobby with his work. He skied professionally, helped to establish and manage several water ski parks in US, organizes national competitions and teaches the sport five clsses for Texas State University.

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Deca Wakeboard Park – Davao, Philippines

Wellcome to the community of people dedicated to wakeboarding. Here, at Davao City, outdoor sports become a lifestyle and the city a perfect gateway both for natives and international trippers. Davao, after all, was voted as one of the most livable cities in Asia.

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Red Bull Wake Open 2012 USA

Approximately 25,000 amazed spectators lined the Garrison Channel at the Tampa Convention Center, turning the downtown community into an amphitheater fit for 40 of the world's top wakeboarders.

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