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Linhares da Beira Paragliding, Serra da Estrela

Linhares da Beira (1040-1176m) is one of the ridges of the Mountain Range of the Star (Serra da Estrela in Portuguese), which is the highest mountain range of Portugal. Serra da Estrela includes several 1000 m – over mountains and also mainland Portugal's highest point of Torre, situated at 1,993 m (6,539 ft) above sea level. The whole area provides ideal conditions for a wide range of outdoor sports including Skiing and Paragliding.´s Linhares da Beira location displays one of the three most suitable and easily accessible take-off points of the ridge. It is located in the middle of it at around 1150 meters (3773 ft).

GPS 40.532740, -7.445273
Город Celorico da Beira
деятельность Paragliding
трафик некоммерческий

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