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Costa Rica

  • GPS: 10.04038,-84.360168
  • 城市: Naranjo, Costa Rica
  • 活动: Bungee
  • 运转: Komerční
  • GPS: 9.578746,-84.611133
  • 城市: Jaco, Puntarenas (Costa Rica)
  • 活动: Surfing
  • 运转: Komerční
Pleasantly warm Baru River waters flowing through the Nauyaca are cascading from 45 meter (higher) and lower from 25 meter into an 8 meter deep pool i …
  • GPS: 9.254466,-83.807153
  • 城市: San Isidro de El General
  • 活动: Cliff Diving
  • 运转: Komerční
皮划艇, 漂流和许多其他运动项目中

皮划艇, 漂流和许多其他运动项目中

Pacuare River Kayaking and Rafting, Cartago (Costa Rica)

Río Pacuare is one of the most sought-after white water rafting rivers in Costa Rica. The most visited section of the Pacuare river is situated about …
  • GPS: 9.951732,-83.546568
  • 城市: Tres Equis
  • 活动: Kayaks / Rafting
  • 运转: Komerční


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