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Iset Tower is still under construction (December 2013). It is promised to be the tallest Russian building outside Moscow, with a height of 209 meters …
  • GPS: 56.843521,60.590424
  • 城市: Yekaterinburg (Russia)
  • 活动: Base Jump
  • 运转: Nekomerční
The city of Tver is located 170 km northwest of Moscow. Driving from Moscow hit M10 Highway and follow through the cities of Solnechnogorsk and Klin u …
  • GPS: 56.94297,35.88606
  • 城市: Tver
  • 活动: Bungee
  • 运转: Nekomerční
皮划艇, 漂流和许多其他运动项目中

皮划艇, 漂流和许多其他运动项目中

Chuya River Kayaking, Chibit

Chuya River (Чуя in Russian) is a river in the Altai Mountains, Russia. It is over 300 km long tributary of the Katun River with several legendary rap …
  • GPS: 50.306465, 87.497333
  • 城市: Chibit
  • 活动: Kayaks / Rafting
  • 运转: Nekomerční


登山, 跳伞运功, 水肺潜水