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Mermet Springs Diving, Southern Illinois

Mermet Springs is an 8.5 acre spring-fed quarry located deep in Southern Illinois, USA, that has been growing in popularity with divers coming from all over the Midwest since 1996. The site offers several submerged training platforms, easy entry docks and the bottom of the quarry is full of vehicles, planes, boats and more sunk objects to explore, making it one of the most popular dive facilities in the US. Mermet Springs is located150 miles southeast of St. Louis (I-64 or I-55) and roughly the same distance northwest from Nashville (I-24) on US 45 between the cities of Vienna and Metropolis. Find the exact location on the map below.

GPS 37.284121, -88.859063
位置类型 Lom
深度 40 m
Voda Sladká
能见度 10 - 20 m
难度 Nízká

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