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Wittman Regional Airport Aerobatic Flying, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Located right in the heart of Wisconsin, Oshkosh Airport (Wittman Regional Airport) is a county owned airport for public use and home to several Aerobatic Flying companies. It has 4 runways with the main of 2440*46 m (8005 by 150 ft) located at an elevation of 246 meters ( 807 ft). Wittman Airport is a regular host of Aerobatic Flying air shows featuring a vast variety in today’s world of flying, precision aerobatics, the latest innovations, rare and unique flying examples, and history coming alive through warbird and vintage showcases (with the biggest and the most complex, legendary EAA AirVenture). Wittman Regional Airport is a short drive from some several major Midwestern cities. Its premises offer a variety of convenient services and amenities to make your visit to EAA AirVenture always enjoyable.

GPS 43.984289, -88.578634
城市 Oshkosh
活动 Akrobatické létání
运转 Komerční

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