Discover the world in 3D!

Earth, water, air ...

Earth, water, air… Three environments in which we are born, we live, and ultimately die. Three worlds that, thanks to modern technology, we can visit, learn about and even still discover. Simultaneously, they are three environments to which we pay so little attention in today’s hectic and busy time, even though they are essential to our lives. We are caught up in our plans, bound by our often unnecessary obligations, and motivated by clear and quick results. We do not appreciate time, we do not value our own existence, and we plan as if we knew how long we will be allowed to live.

Earth = Humility

Nature has superbly equipped us for living on the surface of the earth and simultaneously has provided us with ideal conditions for a satisfied and contented life; day and night alternate, optimum temperature and pressure, and ubiquitous air containing beneficial oxygen. We walk, run and crawl on the earth :-)

Therefore, logically we will not dwell on such commonplace activities, but activities from which we will get to know the earth from a slightly different angle.

Water = Respect

It comprises 70% of the surface of the earth. It comprises 70% of the body of an adult. It is all around us. We have learned to perceive it as a matter of course, despite the fact that without it we cannot live more than a few days.

We spend the first nine months of our lives in water. We are mammals, the same as dolphins and seals, but without equipment we cannot stay under water for longer than a minute or two. Water is all around us, yet we know less about what is under the surface than the distant universe. Isn’t that a shame?

Air = Freedom

Air is all around us. It is a natural part of the surrounding environment and miraculously contains precisely what the human body needs and is essential for life. Unlike the earth or water, we do not see it and usually do not feel it, so we pay very little attention to it.

It becomes precious to us only when we have an acute shortage of it. We only become afraid of it when it shows its power as a hurricane or tornado.