Choosing a Broker: What Criteria Should I Consider?

Ol Lozov 17.1.2024 12:21

So, I've been using EXANTE for a while now, and here's the scoop. The platform lets you trade over a million financial instruments from a single account—stocks, ETFs, bonds, you name it. Plus, it's super user-friendly on the web, mobile, and desktop. EXANTE is legit with licenses from FCA (UK) and MFSA (Malta), ensuring they're playing by the rules.
On the upside, their commission structure is transparent, and rates are competitive. But, fair warning, the minimum deposit requirements are a bit high, which might not suit smaller investors. Also, customization options are a bit limited—you can't use third-party indicators on the terminal. Oh, and watch out for the 30 euro withdrawal fee, no matter how much you're taking out.
In my experience, it's been mostly smooth sailing. The diverse instrument range is a big plus, and the platform is reliable. My advice? Check out this review on Sharecast: It breaks down features, fees, and more, giving you a solid overview.