Need develop a video chat application

Need develop a video chat application

Munamana 31.7.2022 14:25

We need a video chat application for internal use in our company. So that all our employees and customers can use it. Can you advise me who to contact for such a large development?

Need develop a video chat application

Kirito 31.7.2022 14:25

The development of such a complex application will require a lot of effort, as well as need to be in a company that will be engaged in the development were experienced programmers who specialize in the development of the backend.

Need develop a video chat application

Munamana 31.7.2022 14:26

What does this have to do with the backend? Does such an application need backend development? The backend will only be used for communication between users, that's all.

Need develop a video chat application

BigDady 31.7.2022 14:26

Not everything is as simple as you think. There will be a lot of backend, because not only do you need to communicate, but you also need to store a lot of data, work with the database and much more. Most of these applications are 50-60% backend work. You can order video chat apps development service from this company. They have a lot of high-level specialists.

Need develop a video chat application

Buwet 21.3.2024 20:34

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