lack of space for things

lack of space for things

Derrekkson 19.11.2022 13:27

A question for those who live in a small house. Surely you have a problem with a lack of space for things. This is a widespread problem. So, tell me where you put your items that they do not disturb you during the day? I would be interested to hear your tips and perhaps apply them to their lives.

lack of space for things

Vandelor334 21.11.2022 16:39

You should make a hanger that you can put away at any time. Thus you can solve the problem with scattered things and when it is unnecessary to remove them and not take up unnecessary space in your home. Following the instructions , you can understand that this may be enough only for dowels and wooden structures. Everything is done quickly and easily and looks stylish.

lack of space for things

AngelloVenggel 21.11.2022 21:33

I came up with a great solution to this problem. I have a small pull-out closet that is under the bed. Thanks to this, I have more free time in my house, and things are always in their place.

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