Digital security

Digital security

Jonas 27.5.2022 09:17

Digital security is the collective term that describes the resources employed to protect your online identity, data, and other assets. These tools include web services, antivirus software, smartphone SIM cards, biometrics, and secured personal devices.

Personal Identification Data

This data includes your name, phone number, address, email account name, IP address, and, most damaging, your Social Security number. It also includes information that potentially pinpoints your location. Personal data is often used for identity theft and social engineering. Also, a hacker who has your Social Security number (or equivalent) can open credit card accounts in your name, thereby eventually destroying your credit score.
Personal Payment Data

If it has to do with financial transactions, it’s considered personal payment data. This information includes credit and debit card numbers (including expiration dates), online banking numbers (account and routing), and PIN codes. Criminals who gain access to your online banking information can even transfer funds out of the accounts or make purchases.
Personal Health Data

Also known as personal health information (PHI), this data type encompasses information on your health, including medical history, prescription drugs, health insurance subscriptions, and doctor and hospital visits. This information is precious to high-rolling cybercriminals since they can use your health information to file false insurance claims or order and resell prescription drugs.

Digital security

BrownEvan 27.5.2022 09:42

It has spread all over the world, but not everyone comprehends the importance of using it. Anyway, I would like to mention this source where you can learn more about security token offerings and how it helps to buy and sell cryptocurrency unhindered.

Digital security

Lalita 27.7.2022 13:12

What is an information security management system?

Digital security

Paxteremo 27.7.2022 13:59

SIEM services are in high demand in many companies. It is a category of cybersecurity software that looks for evidence of intrusion or malicious behaviour in many different areas of the IT system. The majority of cyber-attacks are committed in order to expose sensitive information. This is why I recommend all organisations to use the services of which provides SIEM protection.

Digital security

Alex 5.7.2023 20:27

Digital security has never been more important than it is now, all of our data is now stored online, and it is very important that it is all protected. So my good friends can provide this security, with them you can forget about fraudsters or any attempts to steal your data, all these crimes are immediately seen and stopped by these guys, so all your personal data will be under close supervision.

Digital security

elenie graisyn 22.10.2023 14:41

Home security is indeed essential. Can you share your experience with Wyze Labs and their products or customer service? Have you found their home security solutions effective and their customer support helpful in addressing any concerns or inquiries you might have had?

Digital security

Naten Wiliams 22.10.2023 14:42

Howdy! In today's world, keeping our homes safe has become a top priority. One of the ways to keep our home safe is by installing a home security system and Wyze Labs excels in this field by providing its customers with a wide range of products for this. Among their range of products, you can choose everything you need, and if you need advice, you can call the wyze labs phone number and an experienced specialist will answer you and provide excellent advice when choosing devices.


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Re: Digital security

Olivia Peterson 4.6.2024 20:46

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