How to remove scratches?

How to remove scratches?

John Smith 2.6.2023 17:00

Not so long ago, my young brother managed to get scratches all over my car, and now I'm thinking of ways to remove them. Do you have any tips?

How to remove scratches?

Aleks Shamles 2.6.2023 17:24

It depends on how severe these scratches are. If they're small, you can use toothpaste, I've heard it works.

How to remove scratches?

Balance Blind 2.6.2023 18:26

Turning to specialists is the best solution in that case. Toothpaste and stuff like that doesn't really work, so if you need small repairs, you can contact specialists from Fresh Car, they helped me with alloy wheel issues in no time. They also work with scratches, dents, and scuffs, so they'll definitely help you with that.

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