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Above The Gravity - Aerobatic Magnificence

Floent Graffouillere is French aerobatic pilot and instructor who's been passionate about flying since the age of 12. The constant need to be in the air led him to turn his passion into a job. Currently serving the French Air Force, Florent spends a big part of his spare time in competitions and air shows. Above The Gravity is his first professional project through which he hopes to impress his sponsors in order to be able to do other projects like this one in the future. Check it out and support Floant by viewing it.
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Above The Gravity took 10 years of training, 1 year to build up the project and 2 weeks of shooting. The main man behind the camera work is Sham Sand, a director/cinematographer specializing in outdoor adventures, extreme sports and aerial shooting. Check out Floent's as well as Sham's talent in the great video "Above the Gravity", which makes us really turn our heads.

Floent Graffouillere 

Photos: © Floent Graffouillere's FB page


30. 9. 2014 Comments: 0

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