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Amazing MDM Fox Performance with Luca Bertossio

Luca Bertossio is a talented, young, professional aviator and stunt pilot from Italy who practice the discipline of aerobatics in a glider. The World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Champion started with glider aerobatic in 2010 after getting his private pilot license and being a tow pilot at a local Aeroclub. Having won a lot of medals in the past four some years in Italian and international events, Luca hooked up with Citizen, one of his major sponsors to shot an outstanding night air show performance flying his MDM Fox. Check it out.
27. 9. 2014 Comments: 0

The MDM FOX Luca is flying is a two-seater carbon and fiberglass mid-wing unlimited aerobatic glider with fix undercarriage. This glider was presented in the 1993 World Championship and since that time he become a masterpiece of the Glider Aerobatic Sport. A man would never believe what one can do with an aircraft without engine. Check it out - Insane Glider Aerobatic Night show by Luca Bertossio.

27. 9. 2014 Comments: 0

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