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Athens Flying Week 2014 - Video Highlights

The Organizing Committee of Athens Flying Week 2014 have released an official video from the event held in Tatoi Military Airport in Athens during the last week of September 2014. Some of the best aviators and teams in the world such as Italians Luca Bertossio, WeFly team or Austrian Flying Bulls were invited to Greece to experience together an unforgettable aviation moments, as well as a series of individual events, including photo contest, air force demos, or skydiving exhibition.
12. 11. 2014

More than 50,000 spectators enjoyed the spectacular show at Tatoi airport located just 20 minutes drive from the center of Athens on a 350,000 square meters area, where some of the world-class pilots overwhelmed the Athenian sky. There was a lot to see during the event; Belgian Air Force F-16 demo team, Apache helicopters, Avio Dream seaplanes, Polish Air Force with their MiG - 29 Fulcrum, Air force "Zeus" and their F-16's, famous Blue Circe team from Italy, Hawks of Romania, or the world champion Aude Lemordant and solo pilots such as Luca Bertossio, Elias Sofianos, Dimitris Ververelis and many others. Check out the video.


12. 11. 2014

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