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Flying over Mountain Peaks with Glacier Air - British Columbia, Canada

Glacier Air Flying School is a traditional Canadian expert on flying in mountainous areas. They know best how to fly over the peaks of British Columbia as they have been flying to, and landing on, its glaciers for over 25 years. The pioneers of mountain flying specialize in high quality Private and Commercial flight training and have recently added Aerobatic training to their operations. They also offer spectactular air tours over surrounding mountains and glaciers and day VFR private charter flights to destinations in south western BC.
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Glacier Air started operating wheel and ski planes from the Squamish Airport in 1974, providing air support for the fisheries, forestry, and mining industries. During the late 70’s and 80’s, Air Alps Ltd., as they were known then, also offered flight training for enthusiastic new pilots. Eventually the unique capabilities of ski-planes to provide fast, economical and safe access to remote glaciers caught on amongst the mountaineering community and became a popular way to travel.

In 1999, Glacier Air added helicopter flight operations to keep up with the changing tourism and aviation industry and phased out the ski-plane operations.

In 2002, Ms. Colette Morin, an enthusiastic mountain pilot took over the operations of Glacier Air. In 2004, Glacier Air partnered with Omega Aviation to provide helicopter services between the Squamish Airport and Vancouver International Airport. Together, Glacier Air and Blackcomb Aviation (formerly Omega Aviation) are available to offer an extensive range of aircraft which can accommodate any tour or charter request.

Although it is not currently highlighted on their web page, they also do offer Aerobatic flight training. Glacier Air Aerobatic training is available from May through October. Concerning the Flight School you can participate in several training programs – all based at Squamish Airport. recommends Glacier Air services as reliable and professional.  

Contacts: Glacier Air, Squamish Municipal Airport, 46001 Government Road, Brackendale, British Columbia, V0N 1H0, Canada  Tel. 1-800-265-0088 or +1 604-892-5217  For more information, go to:

Source: Glacier Air website and FB profile  Thanks to Colette Morin. All images are property of Glacier Air. Copyrights applied.  Video: Youtube  Text: Isac

16. 12. 2013 Comments: 0

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