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Have you ever thought painting your hot air balloon all over? If you think of it, a hot air balloon provides quite a large canvas on which you can let your imagination run riot. Darren Kling always felt these two activities, painting and ballooning, were strongly interconnected with one another so he decided to use a sixty foot balloon to make a painting. Apart from his artistic side, Darren is also the owner of Big Sky Balloon Company, the premier balloon ride operator in Central Oregon.
23. 3. 2015

The company was initially founded by Darren in 1994 in Montana and then relocated to Terrebonne, Oregon in 2000. This place lying on the eastern side of Oregon's Cascade Range, in the High Desert, spreading over 24,000 square miles (62,000 km2), extending east to Idaho and south to Nevada, offers quite a remarkable landscape surrounds and great wind conditions.

beautiful, isn't it?

Right here, Darren's paintings  began to gel; Darren draws his inspiration from dramatic views he sees from high above the Central Cascade mountains as well as the surrounding high desert landscape with its numerous volcanic buttes, river canyons, and rock formations while taking a ride. Although dry land, this place is magic in its own way and the Big Sky Balloon Co. is proud to offer scenic hot air balloon flights in this remarkable part of the Pacific Northwest.

Check Darren's art:

"We conduct one flight a day early in the morning when wind conditions are calm and the air is stable. Flight times vary depending on the time of year, we typically like to be in the air within 1 hour of sunrise. Flight time is approximately one hour with the entire experience taking about three hours. Safety is our top priority, flights are conducted only when the weather is favorable", Darren describes company's balloon ride routine.

What else to say? Darren has been flying balloons for more than 20 years and flown many thousands of passengers while maintaining a perfect safety record. If you want to look over the rugged beauty from the same perspective as Darren and enjoy the dramatic scenery this somewhat unique area has to offer, check Big Sky Balloon Co. out, you won't regret.

Darren Kling is the man when it comes to a hot air balloon flying in Pacific Northwest

Big Sky Balloon Co. Contact Details:

Big Sky Balloon Co.
PO Box 1196
Terrebonne OR 97760

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23. 3. 2015
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