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Bungee Between Zambia and Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls Bungee in Africa

Bungee jumping below the legendary Victoria Falls can be called a „rainbow“ experience. After you approach a century old Victoria Falls Bridge, you just understand. Surrounded by concert sounds of fascinating waterfalls you can whiz through the air soaked with water from the Zambezi River … the color spectrum of its vapor … and, in addition, swinging over the river from state to state afterwards. All this is making your bungee jump totally unrepeatable anywhere else. Adrex.com proudly presents Victoria Falls Bungee.
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Victoria Falls Bridge is a bridge over the Zambezi River just few hundred meters from the famous Victoria Falls. As the bridge is located directly on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia it connects both countries. Victoria Falls Bridge was constructed in England, shipped to Mozambique and then transported to the area of waterfalls. It was opened in 1905. Its main arch reaches the height of 128 meters above the river waters.

Your 4 seconds freefall will come from the 111 meters high platform of the bridge. You can enjoy Bridge Bungee, Bridge Swing or Bridge Zipline. For the more experienced, you can speak to your Jump Master and make it more adventurous and action packed by doing an Ankle-tied Back-flip or Star Elevator Jumps.

All the Jumps are very smoothly and safely organized by Victoria Falls Bungee company. The company has been operating Bungee since 1994 and has successfully served over 150 000 customers. Contact phones are: + 260 213 324231 (bridge), + 260 978 571 568 (Zambia) or + 263 712 406 945 (Zimbabwe).

The Victoria Falls Bridge is situated on the road T1 about 2 miles south of Livingstone town in Zambia. As the road crosses the bridge to Zimbabwe, it changes sign to A8 and continues through the village of Victoria Falls. The spot can be reached by several airlines flying to Livingstone airport from Johanesburg or Lusaka. It can be also reached from Lusaka by bus, the journey takes 16 hours.

For additional information about Bungee Victoria Falls go to:  www.victoriafallsbungee.com

Source: Victoria Falls Bungee and Victoria Falls Bridge websites and FB profiles  Thanks to Sonja Clay for permission. All images are property of Victoria Falls Bridge Company. Copyrights applied.  Video: Youtube  Text: Martin Alexander

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