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Marek Skala - Czech Freeskier - Video from Colorado, USA proudly presents a beautiful video from Marek Skala, a freeskier. Marek is a professional freeskier from the Czech Republic and he belongs to the Czech National Freeski Team. The excellent video below was filmed in Breckendrige and Keystone Resort, Colorado, USA, in the end of 2013.
22. 1. 2014

Marek Skála - US 2013 from Martin Bernard on Vimeo.

And a few words from the talented Czech athlete :

"Freeskiing is a young sport, basically the best form of skiing that allows everyone to find himself, to be in touch with nature and at the same time with a lot of great people, who are on the same wavelength as you. You can ride the snowy mountains in deep snow or just ride the rails in the snow-parks and cities. You can fly small jumps and a huge ones, there is a great variety of tricks that you can practise. Anything you can think of somewhere or see something, try it and suddenly find that you enjoy it more than carry only the slope and stand in line with millions of other people. It's different than any other sport. There's a lot of freedom and creativity, it's not like being locked up somewhere in the stadium just listening to your trainer´s speeches. It's about doing things as you like them to do. Whatever you want!"

Enough of  Freedom and Good Luck!    Photos: Marek Skala FB profile   Video by Martin Bernard

22. 1. 2014

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