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Cobe and Tarah Mikacich is a married couple who have literally spent their lives on the water. After running a highly successful private coaching program for several years, the couple decided to open up a new location for wakeboarding in Orlando. The venue was carefully picked after five months of looking for the best spot that would meet Cobe's criteria; a site with perfect conditions for wakeboarding as well as wakeskating. What is most important though is the fact that the lake they chose is their own. Aptly called the Freedom Wake Park, a location a lot of heart was put into its creation. Check it out.
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Cobe & Tarah Mikacich

A legend in the sport, Cobe grew up in Northern California and started wakeboarding at Donner Lake right as the sport was beginning.  He moved to Orlando in the early 90's and competed on the Pro Wakeboard Tour for 13 years. In 2000, he became the IWSF World Champion. Many of you might also know Cobe Mikacich as the inventor of Hangtyte, a boat cover system. Tarah grew up in the water sports industry. Her parents owned & operated The Benzel Skiing Center, where she lived until age 10.  She competed in water skiing for 15 years, winning many National and World Titles. In 2011 she won Female Move of the Year, and she was the 1st Pro Woman to win the MyWake Global Challenge summer video contest in 2012.

Cobe & Tarah - proud owners of Freedom Wake Park

Freedom Wake Park

Cobe and Tarah have been training one of the best junior riders out there. Cory Teunissen is for example one of the "Freedom's" past charges, a very young rider with an impressive bag of tricks. With straight focus on developing young hopes, Cobe nor Tarah do not forget that wakeboarding is primarily about fun.

"When you're having fun and you're around people you enjoy, you will get the most out of your time on the water. We play to our riders' individual strengths and help them gain a better understanding of how each move works. We focus on the fundamentals of their riding, so that when they move on to harder tricks, they will learn them much more easily."

Cableway in action

There are many great things about Freedom Wake Park set-up. Located in Orlando on their own private lake (no other boat traffic), the lake is large enough to run in any direction and find calm water, which really helps with the learning process. With wakesurfing growth, Cobe and Tarah also set up the two-tower cable System 2.0 cableway and will add rails in the future.

Fitting the bill

Freedom Wake Park offers instruction to all ages and skill levels for wakeboarding, wake skating, wake surfing, and even stand up paddleboards. Malibu boats are being used here; they currently have a 21' VLX.  You are welcome to bring your own equipment, or use O'Brien boards and equipment that can be rent on site.

wake surfing

paddle board

teaching young shredders

How do I get to the Freedom Wake Park?

Freedom Wake Park is located within 5-20 minutes of all major Orlando attractions: downtown, the Florida Mall, Performance Ski & Surf, the Orlando International airport, International drive or the theme parks.

Check out Cobe and Tarah's webpage to find out more. All images are property of Freedom Wake Park; Copyright applied.

Source: http://www.freedomwakepark.com

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