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Meteorites Jumping Team: Swinging in the Void of Chaos

In the beginning there was only chaos. At least according to the Greek mythology before Gaea, a primal Greek goddess shed light on earth. I don't know what was here before that time, but Chaos Mountain looks like one of those before-anything-places; this giant crater that is surrounded by limestone walls looks actually like it was hit by a meteorite. This amazing natural amphitheater, situated near Athens, was revealed when a cave collapsed and created a sinkhole measuring 65 meters in depth and 120 meters in diameter. The Meteorites Jumping Team is a crew of climbers, skydivers, base jumpers and others with one common thing, jumping. Based in Greece, the team actively seeks new challenges and this time, Ilias, Markos and Liakos took on.....guess what......the Chaos Mountain.
5. 10. 2015

Stay tuned for more rope jumping videos!

5. 10. 2015

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