Base jumping

Uli Emanuele Performs the Most Technical and Difficult Base Jump Ever

You have to have enormous balls to do this. With only two meters separating wingsuit pilot Uli Emanuele from smashing himself against a rocky mountain hole, he puts his life on the line and performs an incredibly difficult base jump in renown Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Needless to say that such a jump -flown through the smallest hole ever - has not been pulled by anyone anywhere. Such no mean feat requires not only a flawless precision and courage but also a necessary dose of madness. See yourself.
8. 7. 2015 Comments: 0

Uli Emanuele pilots what is possibly the most technical and difficult BASE jump ever. For the past 3 years Uli has been dreaming about and preparing for what could be a world record jump. With just his wingsuit and hiking poles, he climbs to his exit point and realizes there is no turning back.

8. 7. 2015 Comments: 0
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