Greg Roe Teamed up with a YouTube Filmmaker Devin Graham

Greg Roe, a Canadian Trampolinist and extreme acrobat has just released his latest video shot by the famous American videographer, Devin Graham AKA Devin Super Tramp while on location in Rome, Italy. During his recent trip to Italy, Roe showcased his unique talents on the trampoline, performing some of his signature moves, captured in 4K by Devin, who is considered one of the most popular videographers in the world, producing adventure and extreme sport videos on YouTube. He has been described as "one of the top video creators on YouTube" where his channel has more than 2.6 million subscribers and over 470 million total views.
2. 1. 2015

The video was shot on location at Porto di Roama, Italy as part of an extreme sports stunt film, which also included the slam dunk basketball team ‘Lords of Gravity’ and acrobatic artists ‘Streaks’ on Teeterboard. Also seen in the video are Hungarian trampolinists Botond Dajka and Csanad Borley, who partnered with Greg for the film. Roe and Borley perform a synchronized routine near the end of the video. Needles to say, it wasn't an easy task when performed outdoors, due to sunlight and wind conditions. Check it out.

Source: http://www.gregroetrampoline.com

2. 1. 2015

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