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Traveling for an extended period of time, especially with a wing, harness, and a reserve parachute, clearly deviates from the ordinary. There is always the question of weight, bulk... But for all that, traveling with your paraglider in some remote areas opens up a range of amazing discoveries and encounters. And Guillaume Broust and Perrine Chauvin seems to follow that pattern well. Embarking on an around-the-world adventure, Guilluame, an award winning filmmaker, and Perrine, an agricultural engineer took off on an 8-month voyage to fly around the world with one simple aim: to sensitize people to better respect, preserve and save drinkable water.
25. 6. 2015

After their first trip to New Zealand, the duo has relocated to a land of exhilarating mountain descents, snow peaks and yaks: Nepal. "Paragliding in Nepal means discovering its many facets. When landing in remote valleys, we have always been met with an enthusiastic, warm and interested welcome. Our encounters with a smiling people attached to their cultural heritage and values remain deeply engraved in our heart", the two say. They met local pilots and discovered beautiful flying sites.

"We had two great flights around Pokhara valley. One was about 75km (Sarangkot - Sardi Khola - Panchase - Pokhara) and the other one was 35km (Sirkot - Pokhara). But there is so much to do in terms of XC flying"!


  • Pokhara (28.260850, 83.973012)
  • Sirkot (28.021082, 83.729253)
  • Bandipur (27.931764, 84.413881)

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Photo: © Broust


25. 6. 2015

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