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Kaituna River and the Highest Commercially Rafted Waterfall

New Zealand is a country of thousand and one outdoor-sports opportunities. It really has everything, pleasant weather, wild mountain areas full of rocks and canyons, sea, lakes and rivers. If you are a rafter and have not been to the NZ yet...consider that at least. And if you don´t know anybody in the country, there´s also no need to worry. We´ve just found out that Aussie Sam Sutton, the Extreme Kayak World Champion and professional rafter, runs a rafting base on the North Island. As Sam was born and raised next to the rapids of Kaituna River (world-renowned white-water kayaking and rafting destination), who else to contact than the man who knows every corner of this beautiful and scenic area.
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Sam is one of those who were fortunate enough to learn from the bests. Living only five minutes away from the Kaituna River, he used to paddle along some world-class kayakers from his neighborhood. Some of his career highlights include becoming second at the Adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship in 2008 or riding off a 25-meter waterfall in Switzerland.

"It is my goal to bring the fun back to Rafting, so with the perfect river located in our backyard and the best raft guides money can possibly buy we are here to share our dream with you. Our goal is not to be the biggest raft company nor is it to make the most money, our goal is to love life, live life and have the best damn time doing it," Sam Sutton says.

Kaituna River

It's fair to say that the grade 5 Kaituna River in Rotorua, is one of the best whitewater rafting locations in New Zealand. The 45 kilometers long river located in the Bay of Plenty region offers warm enough water and some of the best rapids you can do in a raft worldwide. All this packed into a mile of the river. The river itself is a gem, with many kayakers from all over the world making Kaituna their home for the summer. No wonder it is also a venue of the White Water Rafting World Championships.

The White Water Rafting World Championship

Tutea, Kaituna and Okere Waterfalls

Some of the best parts of rafting the Kaituna are the waterfalls. The biggest one of all, Tutea Falls, is considered as the highest (7 meters) commercially rafted waterfall on the planet. It is a highlight of all the rafting trips. Together with other two world-class waterfalls, Kaituna Falls and Okere Falls, these are located just 30 minutes drive from the city of Rotorua. 

Tutea Falls

"There is a moment, floating in the eddies above the waterfalls where all you can see is the mist billowing up from the bottom. That horizon line leading up to the edge of the waterfall is exciting and magical. Seeing the river disappear and knowing you're about to take a raft down it is pretty damn thrilling". 

Going down

The best thing about it is that the Kaituna is a “pool-drop” river, which means that after every rapid or waterfall, there is a large, calm pool. If you fall out of your raft, you can easily float in the pool and get back in the raft without having to drift too far. And the biggest pool in the river just happens to be the one right after the 7 meter waterfall. With New Zealand Native scenery and Maori History around, this location is worth to check. The water in the river is regulated by dam, which lies exactly at the point where the highway 33  between the cities of Rotorua and Tauranga crosses the river. Find the place on the map of Adrex.com Locations...

Very easy access

You can explore it yourself as the Kaituna River offers fairly easy access or you can get in touch with Sam.

Contact: 103 Okere Road, Okere Falls, Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand  Phone: 0800 772 384  (+64) 800 772 384

Thanks to Sam. All images are courtesy of Rotorua Rafting. Copyrights applied.

Source: http://www.rotorua-rafting.co.nz

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