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Kiting and Seakayak

Experience the thrill of kitesurfing from a kayak or canoe. Sailing with a kite is a new option for paddlers looking for a free ride from the wind. The system can also be used as a rescue kite. Rescue kites are now required for some offshore racing. This gives boats backup propulsion if sail or engine power is lost.
10. 2. 2015

The Kite Controller for 2015 is a new reel-bar from Pacific Sky Power. It features the reel in and out performance as earlier systems, but has a lighter frame. This system enables launch and retrieval directly from the boat and is designed for use with 1 to 3 square meter 2 line traction kites. 
The new kite controller has many potential uses, from land based training to a wide variety of kiting applications. Out on the water, the main advantage is the ability to easily launch and retrieve directly from the boat. Hold the kite so it fills with wind and then start reeling out. Once the kite is fully deployed, steer with the control bar. When it’s time to head in, reel-in and paddle to shore.
Pacific Sky Power entered to Kickstrater with Kite Controller 2015. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, manufacturing will begin and all rewards will be shipped to our backers by the end of May 2015.

Kite Controller Specifications

Control lines: Two 250 lb, 20 meter long control lines 
System weight: 3 lb
System width: 23”
Materials used: Aluminum, UV resistant plastics, Structural laminates, Stainless-steel hardware
10. 2. 2015

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