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Largest Purse in Whitewater Kayak History - Payette River Games

Payette River Games is a whitewater river race competition held in Cascade, Idaho. The Payette River is well known among kayakers and is considered as one of the most challenging rivers in North America. According to the International Scale of River Difficulty system it's categorized as Class V. No wonder two National Kayak Championship have been held here. The Payette River Games are not just about kayaking though. Athletes can also compete in increasingly popular SUP boarding, river surfing or a raft cross. What is more, all of the action is free to watch, so mark your calendars for the Games, June 20-22, 2014!
10. 4. 2014

Kelly's Whitewater Park in Cascade, Idaho has been recognized by many kayaking athletes as one of the premier whitewater parks in the country. Kelly’s opened in June 2010 and has hosted 2 National Kayak Championships and is proud to host of the 2014 Payette River Games on June 20-22. The park is gaining in popularity not just with kayakers but also with stand up paddle boarders and river surfers. In addition, tubers and canoeists can enjoy the whitewater features of the park too.

Payette River Games 2014

Last year of the games was a huge success with 375 athletes competing in all of the events and the organizers expect even more competition this year. Celebrating Idaho heritage, defined by individuals expressing themselves through recreation, this competition isn't only about the sport. There will be plenty of entertainment going on including live music or fishing as the area is also famous for trout habitat.

Kayak Events

Kayakers from all over the world will descend on Cascade Idaho to compete for the largest purse in whitewater kayak history. With $50,000 in prize money awarded over the Payette River Games weekend, you can be sure to see some of the best paddlers on the planet bring their “A” games to Kelly’s. There will be 4 kayak events in total:

Boater Cross Event:

Break out the elbow pads, and face mask. It is about to get rowdy. Boater Cross events have become the favorite event for spectators at whitewater events across the country. Carnage is guaranteed when groups of four paddlers go down Kelly’s Whitewater Park.

Dates: Preliminary round with begin Friday June 20, Semi-finals will be held on Saturday June 21 and finals will be on Sunday June 22.

Freestyle Event:

PRG are bringing the Kayak rodeo home to its’ roots. The first Kayak Rodeo was held in Stanley Idaho and for sure the early Idaho freestylers would have never guessed that the top freestyle paddlers in the world would one day compete for the largest purse in whitewater history in Cascade. Athleticism, precision, grace and explosiveness will all be on display at the championship feature here.

Dates: Preliminary round with begin Friday June 20, Semi-finals will be held on Saturday June 21 and finals will be on Sunday June 22.

8 Ball Event:

The 8 Ball competition is kayaking version of children's favorite game Sharks and Minnows! Kayakers will sprint and fight their way through a narrow stretch of Payette River while along the way, boaters must avoid being knocked off by the 8 Ballers - determined kayakers waiting patiently to attack the sprinters and slow them down or knock them off the course. This is full contact kayak race carnage at it best.

Dates: Preliminary round with begin Friday June 20, Semi-finals will be held on Saturday June 21 and finals will be on Sunday June 22.

Long Boat:

In this competition, you race with your manufactured or custom long boat to determine who is the fastest kayaker this weekend. This will be a mass start all out sprint down river for 1.5 miles with a few buoys to negotiate along the way. Boat design is unlimited and will be allowed for this race only. The fastest man and fastest woman will each receive $500 for first place. Who will be crowned fastest KAYAKER at the PRG? Note that the registration is limited to 20 male and 10 female racers!

Dates: Race will be held Sunday June 22

In addition, Junior and Cadet Tournament will be also held at the weekend. The Juniors are future of any sport and PRG wants showcase their skills too. The young hopes will compete in two heats to throw some cartwheels, loops and more to battle for the win. Race is planned on Saturday, June 21.

How to get there?

Enter at Mile Marker 114.44 on Highway 55 at the South East end of Cascade. The park entrance is on the east side of Highway 55 just past the railroad and north of the Birch Glen Lodge

More information on the games: www.payetterivergames.com

Source: Payette River Games website and their FB, thanks to Mark Pickard, all images are courtesy of PGR & Gary Ertter Photography


10. 4. 2014
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