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Sjoa River Festival 2014 - Norway

The Sjoa River is one of the most visited whitewater locations in Norway, just four-hour drive from Oslo. Once again, this top spot is going to host a grassroots-kayaking event, The Sjoa River Festival for the 19th time in its history this July 8-13, 2014! Perfectly situated to enjoy the best of the Northern summer in the Sjoa Valley, the 98 km long river offering mid to high volume classes is great for advanced whitewater paddlers. No need to say that this year is going to be a lot of fun, full of side events and parties as always. Come and join the whitewater community in Sjodalen, a picturesque valley the river gave name to.
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The festival brings together kayakers from all over the world and of all abilities to enjoy the white water gems around the Sjoa valley offering mid to high volume class II-III+ in the middle, III-IV class upstream and a big volume IV+ falls downstream. Right here, what many call the Norwegian whitewater paradise, the main organizers Strie Strømmer along with Gene17kayaking have put together an action packed program full of guided river trips, clinics, world-class level competitions, BBQ, outdoor movie screening and more to everybody liking.

The Sjoa River

What to look forward to

Gene17 Clinics

In amongst all the contests and races, Gene17kayaking will once again offer clinics for a range of paddlers throughout the week, these proved ever popular and were a hit in previous years. If you are looking for something else from racing, why not consider their clinics in 2014.

Jølgen Freestyle competition

It’s time to go big! Come and show off how high you can fly in the Jølgen Freestyle Event. Beautiful wave, friendly atmosphere, central location in the Sjoa valley and plenty of sunshine in order. Not tied by official freestyle rules this event is about going big and having fun. What else could you want?

go big - Image by Rob Wilson

Åseng Mass Start Team Race/Fun Event

The mass start race from the Åseng down 15km of big water Class III/IV to the Putin of the Sjoa Normal raft Putin, and then a 400m run to Strie Strømmer, proved a little too much for a few last year but was rewarded even more.



and thank God it's all over:) - 
Åseng Mass Start Team Race

Gene17 Ula Extreme Race

Extreme downriver race, top ten move through to the finals. Best total time wins.

the most extreme event of the festival - Gene17 Ula Extreme Race

Sweet Rumble in Åmot

Classic BoaterX event. Racers start from an eddy on the second to last drop of Åmot canyon, and then charge this rapid, through the corridor and on to the last rapid into an often difficult eddy to touch the finish banner.

popular BoasterX event


The infamous Pimp’n Ho still going strong, plus Saturday night band with DJ

tasty looking reward......

Video from the ULA Extreme Race 2013

All images are courtesy of Gene17kayaking; Copyrights applied.

Source: http://www.sjoariverfestival.no

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