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Barefoot skiing is something that some people might view as an act performed only in show skiing but in fact, it's an extreme sport with its own history and competitions along the line. 1947 saw the first man to barefoot water ski in Winter Haven, Florida, although no evidence of the act has ever existed. However, that same year, Dick Pope Jr. was the first man whose barefooting was recorded in pictures. Adrex.com proudly presents one of the greatest ambassadors of worldwide Barefoot Water Ski community, the World Barefoot Center & Ski School.
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Keith St. Onge & David Small

Being located where it all started back in 47', in Winter Haven, Florida, it's quite obvious that you are in the right place to get into the world of barefoot waterskiing. The World Barefoot Center (WBC), was established in 2009 and is a derivative of the old ski shop / ski school platform. Unlike other ski schools, the WBC is comprised of a partnership incorporating two of the best barefoot water skiers the sport has ever known. Between USA's Keith St. Onge and UK's David Small, the two competitors hold all three current World Barefoot Water Ski records and covet 95% of the World's most Prestigious Barefoot Water Ski Competition Titles. Gracing multiple magazine covers, international endorsements and hosting hundreds of students annually, both Keith and David have changed the way we will all look at the future of water skiing's most extreme sport, forever.

Keith St. Onge & David Small - buddies in business

Lake Conine and Lake Rochelle

Set on modest but stunning Lake Conine and Lake Rochelle that are connected to the famous series of lakes, the Chain of Lakes Waterway in Central Florida, the Winter Haven site enables you to find perfect water amongst endless miles of treed shorelines. The site and it’s amenities are direct waterfront and are easily accessible at all times. Whether you are an absolute beginner or want to bring your barefoot skiing to the next level,  the WBC world-class coaching team individualizes every training session to suit your needs.

WBC beach

Gone are the days of hard, high speed falls - the WBC utilizes one of the most successful platforms for coaching in the sport with a solid reputation and proven results. What is more, you can book the guys to come to your site teaching you in your boat, on your lake! They teach barefoot skiing classes on demand, traveling with clinics everywhere in the world all year round.

The WBC operates  four fully equipped Evinrude E-TEC  engine towboats that can seat 5 skiers each. Every skier gets two sets for a half day and four sets for a full day (two sets in the morning and two in the afternoon) to get most of their lessons. Each set ranges between 20-30min. long, depending on ability and strength. If you have your own personal gear, skiing rates start at 70 bucks per a set and the center also offers suit  rentals. You can even check into to the school's on site State Of The Art Pro-Shop featuring ski and barefoot apparel.  Check those guys out!

Address: 3915 Lake Conine Dr.East, Winter Haven, Florida 33881

Contact: 863-877-0039 or wbcbarefoot@gmail.com; it's recommended to book your ski time and 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation.

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Source: http://www.worldbarefootcenter.com

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