We are almost there & the Technology Works Again

It must have been either a miracle or we just had a very bad luck yesterday. We were not even surprised that the solar panel broke two days ago but when even the laptop broke on us yesterday evening, it was too much to bear.
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Nevertheless, it seems to be working perfectly fine right know, touch wood. I really think that even a video and some pictures will make it to you today. Zuzka informed you on what was going on with us in the past 2 days and I’m going to tell you about today - I mean - hopefully I’m going to tell you :-) You know, there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip :-)

We got up very early today and didn’t even bother to pack our stuff properly. We just stuffed everything into the sleds and set out. We wanted to have as long a day as possible so we can put enough miles down. Why? Because WE’RE CATCHING THE TRAIN!! :-) We’ve been working on our return tickets for a couple of evenings -Tatjana Sizova from the Moravia Contact agency and Tatjana Starova in Irkutsk have been a great help to us. It sounds easy to buy two tickets for train and two for plane but it was actually quite complicated to figure it out. First, we still don’t know when exactly we’re going to reach the other side. Second, the train doesn’t run every day and third - believe it or not - the plane doesn’t run that often either :-) Moreover, we had to decide wether we want to change planes in St. Petersburg or Moscow. We preferred Petersburg as we have a guy there who could take care of us in case we had a long layover. We don’t have anyone in Moscow and a taxi and hotel wouldn’t do any good to our already tight budget :-))

In the end, we have it all set - we should reach Nizhneangarsk - THE END -tomorrow at 12 - 2 p.m. We have a guy waiting there for us who takes us to Severobaikalsk. There we’ll take a hot bath (YES!), clean up and make humans of ourselves again :-) Than we’ll rest for a little and eat a lot! We’re leaving for Irkutsk at 11 p.m. tomorrow and arrive there sunday morning. We’re going to spend 2 nights in Irkutsk resting... though we’ll rack our brains over how to process and swallow all the things we’ve been through and lived through in the past weeks, I think. Well, and Tuesday afternoon we take off for Moscow and Prague. We’re home Tuesday night! What else to wish?

Maybe a nice day tomorrow. We have some 18 KM LEFT TO GO so we’d like to enjoy it! We’re both feeling great. We’re so excited about tomorrow - how will we feel after we get there...? I mean - we’ll make our dreams come true but still, it will be also the end of something... Well, we’ll see tomorrow, I suppose :-) We don’t feel tired despite the distance we walked today - 36 km (22 miles). We were speeding all day pausing only to have something to eat - what else can we do? We’re not gonna miss the train!! :-)

Well, you guys can look forward to a very happy message which we’re going to send you tomorrow when we reach the other side of Baikal!!! It’s sooooo close!

And who does this day belong to?

Zuzka Pínová!!! Since we left, she’s been taking care of almost everything - organization, managing of the website, media and sponsors and so on. It’s a lot of thing to do. Moreover, she also has a school to go to and she’s been worrying about her dear me :-) Zuzi, THANK YOU! Good job! I think I should go and find some flowers to bring you :-))


PS.The video is from some previous day when the guys had a very bad day. They had a much better day today!

Video :

Večer po těžkém dnu... / We had a hard day... from Pavel Blažek on Vimeo.

18. 3. 2010

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